Forget about the recent downpours and deluges; Dublin is in drought, according to Uisce Éireann.

The Dealer was amazed to hear recently that Uisce Éireann is urging the public to reduce water use and report leaks in the capital.

This is despite 2023 coming in and going out in a deluge, with rainfall levels at Dublin Airport running 25% ahead of average for the year.

Uisce Éireann blamed its call to moderate consumption on unprecedented demand. Daily water use in the greater Dublin area has surged by over 40m litres since last year.

The State body is progressing with controversial plans to bring water from the Shannon to douse Dublin’s drought.

But at the rate the Dubs are guzzling the good old aqua, they’ll be running pipes from the Suir, the Blackwater and the Lee to save the city from going dry.