The Dealer came across an innovative take on the Vacant Property Grant Scheme recently that has all the ingredients of a blockbuster TV series.

Mayo County Council is running a property matchmaking service which aims to connect owners of vacant properties with potential buyers.

The aptly named Mayo Vacant Home Matchmaker Scheme recognises that not all vacant homeowners have the available time or financial resources to return their property to use.

The scheme, therefore, seeks to match vacant property homeowners who would like to sell with people who may want to purchase the house.

Mayo County Council said it was not acting as an estate agency in providing the ‘matchmaking service’ and insisted that all negotiations and sales processes take place between the owner and buyer.

But whoever came up with the concept should consider pitching the idea to RTÉ.

Given the station’s infatuation with matters of the heart and the home, a programme that loosely ties both themes together would be a guaranteed hit.