The Dealer has watched on curiously as the events unfold. However, one thing sticks out like a thistle in a meadow.

Two-hundred-and-twenty million euro.

€220 million. The dealer can’t help but think of the perks of having such a vast amount of funding.

While milk prices are good at the moment and the autumn weanling trade is strong, the prospects of €220m sitting in the kitty is optimistic at best.

But regardless, join me on my adventure through my imagination.

So let’s take a look at what agricultural products PSG could buy instead of Neymar.

For €220m, PSG could buy:

  • 25,000 acres of land at the average land price of €8,914/acre.
  • 49.3 million pints of Guinness at €4.50 a pint.
  • 4 million Hunter unisex wellingtons at €45.
  • 277,500 weanling bulls at €800/head.
  • 3.2 million store lambs at €70/head.
  • 148,000 drones at €1,500.
  • 630m litres of raw milk at 35c/l (entire supply of a medium-sized Irish co-op).
  • 22 million cans of Alamycin spray at €10/can
  • 37 million small cans of WD40.
  • 211.5 million packets of cheese and onion Tayto.
  • 55,500 haybobs at €4,000.
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