Is this the oldest man in Ireland to buy a new tractor?

Back in February of this year Mikey bought a tractor for the 12th time at the age of 85.

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A guide to understanding Hit the Diff

What exactly are party beacons and new teeth? Marty Mone compiled a handy translation guide to his popular song for those who weren't in the know.

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When you marry a farmer...

When you are in your 3rd trimester and he works out your condition score #marriedafarmer.

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Signs you grew up in the country

Baler twine was akin to McGiver's knife; capable of fixing any problem.

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Watch: Is this the fastest silage making ever?

A timelapse video of silage cutting in Co Kerry.

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A Massey Ferguson with 34,000 hours on the clock

The Massey Ferguson 4270 with 34,000 hours on the original untouched engine and gearbox.

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Quiz: Guess the breed of these sheep

Can you guess the breeds exhibited at this year's NSAs Sheep NI showcase?

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Watch: New world record set by Valtra tractor

World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen topped 130km/h in sub-zero conditions.

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What farmers say and what they really mean

Did you have a great lie-in this morning?

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Five words to ruin a date with a farmer

"It's me or the sheep."

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