Dairy farmers contributed just over €4.1m in funding to the National Dairy Council (NDC) last year, through the voluntary levy collected on milk.

Levy income at the NDC increased by €256,459 on 2021, driven by increased milk production and Dairygold becoming a member of the NDC in July. The NDC levy of 0.07c/l equates to around €350/year for a farmer milking around 100 cows and supplying 500,000l.

All co-ops are members of the NDC, except for Drinagh, Lakeland and Tipperary Co-op, which make no levy contribution.

Total income at the NDC amounted to €5.5m last year, with an EU grant of €1.1m and an Ornua contribution of €111,964 also boosting the bottom line at the body. A spokesperson for the NDC said that it is exploring funding opportunities among potential associate members.

“To date, Ornua, Progressive Genetics and Fresh Milk Producers support NDC through fixed-sum contributions,” they said.

The NDC has €3.7m in the bank and in hand in 2022, up from €2.9m in 2021.


As of the end of 2022, the NDC had a VAT recoverable balance of €1.9m and additional “related contingent liability” of €678,927.

“These amounts relate to claims for VAT input credits, which the Revenue Commissioners have refused.

“The Company has appealed this decision to the Tax Appeals Commission. The company has obtained external professional advice on this matter and we believe we will, more likely than not, be successful in our appeal,” the body stated in its annual report.

As of this week, no determination has been made yet concerning the NDC’s VAT investigation.