A Food Vision group for beef and sheep sectors has been established, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue announced.

The Food Vision beef and sheep group will be chaired by Professor Thia Hennessy and will include representatives from farming organisations, the beef and sheep processing industry, the Department of Agriculture and relevant groups and agencies.

An initial report from the group examining how to reduce emissions associated with the beef sector is planned for the end of November, while the group's first meeting will take place on Thursday 16 June.

On announcing the group, Minister McConalogue said he is looking forward to see it progress its crucial work.

September report

"I have tasked the group with providing an initial report to me by the end of September, setting out how we can plot a future for the sector over the next decade.

"Central to this will be assessing how we set out how we meet all elements of sustainability, environmental, societal and economic," he said.

The initial task given by Minister McConalogue to the group was to examine how to reduce emissions associated with the beef sector with a final plan to be submitted by the end of November.

"The group will then move on to progressing the other important actions for the beef and sheep sectors set out in the Food Vision 2030 strategy," the Minister added.

He also noted Professor Hennessy for her "strong track record of advancing thinking on sustainable farming practices".

The beef and sheep group has crucial work to do in developing a roadmap for our farmers, Minister McConalogue argued.

He concluded: "There is a bright future and I believe that as we become even more sustainable, meeting our climate targets and ensuring that the market delivers a reward for our quality, sustainably produced food, particularly for our hard working and committed farmers."