Market intelligence and EU specialist Phelim O'Neill discusses beef carcases with a group of students. \ Philip Doyle

Over 350 students from 12 schools attended the Agri Aware Farm Walk and Talk on Tullamore Farm. \ Philip Doyle

Dairy editor Aidan Brennan tells students about tagging calves. \ Philip Doyle

Machinery correspondent Gary Abbott talks tractors and machinery safety with some students. \ Philip Doyle

Irish Country Living's Sarah McIntosh gives students an insight into education pathways and career opportunities in the agricultural sector. \ Philip Doyle

Sheep and schemes editor Darren Carty gives students an overview on perennial ryegrass swards v multispecies swards, as well as silage. \ Philip Doyle

Siobhán Walsh discusses with students the different products that come from the tillage industry. \ Philip Doyle

Josh Wall, Kepak, gives a presentation to students at Tullamore Farm. \ Philip Doyle

Buildings and labour efficiency journalist Martin Merrick talks TAMS and the range of buildings on Tullamore Farm with students. \ Philip Doyle