The Department of Agriculture has considered issuing burial licenses to farmers who discover fallen animals on their farm and are not able to get knackeries to remove them.

However, when a farmer discovers a fallen animal, their first contact point should be their local fallen animal collector who can take the carcase to Northern Ireland for rendering, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue said.

This situation has arisen following substantial increases to fees charged by renderers to animal collectors for the disposal of non-TSE tested fallen farm stock.

This reflects a commercial transaction between the renderers and the animal collectors (category 2 intermediate plants).

Monitoring the situation

Speaking on Wednesday 13 December, the Minister said that he is closely monitoring the continuing situation of renderers in the Republic of Ireland not accepting fallen animals for rendering.

The Minister said: “Due to renderers refusing to accept fallen animals from animal collectors, I have ensured that animal collectors can access Category 1 rendering facilities in Northern Ireland.

"A guidance document outlining the requirements for dispatch to rendering plants in Northern Ireland has been sent to the Animal Collectors Association."

Acquiring a burial license, Minister McConalogue said, comes with strict environmental conditions.

To obtain a license, the herdkeeper must inform the local Regional Veterinary Office (RVO) of the Department who will provide the information required.


“My officials are continuing to engage with stakeholders to find a resolution to current issues. This engagement includes recent meetings with the Irish Category One Renderers Association (ICORA).

"However, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is not in dispute with either animal collectors or the rendering industry and I am calling on the renderers and collectors to engage proactively with each other to resolve their differences.”

In conclusion, the Minister stated: "I am very aware of the difficulties this situation has caused for farmers and I am doing everything possible to help resolve the situation at the earliest possible opportunity."