Friday is set to be mostly dry, according to Met Éireann, with the southeast getting the best of the sunshine. The east and north will experience patchy rain.

Highest temperatures of 12°C to 16°C are expected, in light northwest to west winds.

Friday night will be mainly dry, with clear spells. The north and east will be cloudy, with some showers developing over Ulster and north Leinster.

Lowest temperatures of 6°C to 10°C, in light variable winds.


Met Éireann has said that Saturday will be a cloudy day, with rain gradually heading northeastwards from the south of the country.

It will be mildest across Ulster, where it could stay largely dry until the evening.

Highest temperatures of 11°C to 15°C are likely in mostly moderate southeast winds.

Rain will continue to track northeastwards across the country on Saturday night, with clear spells and showers following the clearance.

Lowest temperatures of 8°C to 11°C are forecast in light southerly winds.


A mix of cloud and some sunny spells with scattered outbreaks of showery rain are expected on Sunday, according to Met Éireann.

The national forecaster is predicting highest temperatures of 13°C to 16°C, in light to moderate westerly winds.

Showers will continue overnight, with some clear spells. Lowest temperatures of 5°C to 9°C, in light to moderate westerly winds.

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