Hi, my name is Peter Kilcullen. I am 10 years old and I am a dairy farmer. We milk Friesian cows all year round.

I want to be a mechanic when I grow up and a farmer and I will service and look after our tractors and machinery.

I live in Sligo with my dad Martin, my two brothers Andrew and Niall, my sister Hannah and my mum Christine. We all like to give a dig out on the farm, and mum brings nice sandwiches down to us.

Helping out

I like playing hurling, Gaelic football and soccer. I play with my local club Easkey u11s and u13s, and Easkey/St.Farnans for hurling. I play with Dromore Villa for soccer.

My two brothers play football and hurling, too, for Easkey and Easkey/St Farnans. They are very good and play for Sligo senior hurlers too. My sister plays football with St Farnans.

Peter Kilcullen loves taking care of the calves on his family's Co Sligo dairy farm.

I like helping my dad milk in the evening when my brothers are away at football and hurling training. Sometimes I help Andrew get the parlour ready for milking, and we feed the calves together.

I like feeding the cows with Niall with the diet feeder, walking around the cows and playing with a few pet cows is good fun too.

When we have them fed, sometimes I clean up the straw with the leaf-blower. Milking is fun but I prefer feeding.

Baby calves

I like getting ready for the baby calves. We clean out the calf sheds in summer, and we get them ready for the new baby calves during the Christmas holidays. We put up the small pens for the calves, we chop up some straw for their beds and we get ready the big pens.

I like helping Niall give the cows a haircut and this year I got to do some myself. I like moving the machinery away for the winter, greasing them and power hosing them down until spring when we use them again.

I also help Niall and Dad dosing the animals. I take the bolus out of the pack and have it ready for them.

We keep the turf and timber on the farm, and I like bringing bags up to mum after the milking for the open fire.

My love of tractors started at a young age

Hi, my name is Donnacha. I have three great passions in life, which are: tractors, sheepdogs/collies and farming. Today, I’m going to tell you all about tractors. My love to tractors started at a very young age, mainly because my daddy loves them as much as I do! Daddy likes to restore tractors - some are modern and some are vintage; some are big and some are small.

Donnacha has three great passions in life: tractors, collie dogs and farming.

During the summer, as a family, we all go to the agricultural shows in different countries around Ireland. We see all things country and we like to look at the vintage tractors.

My favourite tractors are Case, Massey Ferguson and Ford. Padraic, my daddy, has a Ford and my grandad, Tom, has a Massey and my uncle Gerard has a Case.

In the olden days, vintage tractors were used for bringing home turf from the bog and transporting food for the animals. Most old tractors didn’t have cabs.

If I was a farmer back then, I would have had to wrap up well on a tractor with no cab.

Here is a before picture of a tractor Donnacha and his daddy restored.

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