Over 65% of dairy farmers who took part in the Irish Farmers Journal survey said they intend on doing less reseeding this year.

This 65% figure is compared to their original reseeding plan for 2022.

When asked if they had planned to over-sow their fields with clover this year, 42% of dairy farmers said they had plans to do so.

Contract rearing

Farmers were asked if they avail of contract rearing and what way the rates have gone for 2022.

Some 71% of farmers who have animals contract reared said that the rates have remained the same as last year, while the remaining 29% said they have seen an increase in rates on 2021.

Of the farmers who don’t contract rear any animals, almost 60% said that they would actually consider doing it this year as a way of reducing the demand for grass and silage which will be needed for fodder.