Researchers taking part in a glyphosate project at NUI Galway have issued a renewed call for Irish farm families to take part in the project.

Ireland’s bioMonitoring Assessment of Glyphosate Exposures (IMAGE) aims to measure glyphosate exposures among Irish families.

A number of families have signed up to the study and NUI Galway wants a total of 50 farm families and 50 non-farming families to take part.

What’s involved?

  • Each family member will provide one urine sample.
  • Each family member will complete a project questionnaire (there is a shortened version for children).
  • The questionnaires will collect information about diet and lifestyle.
  • Research

    The project is part of a research fellowship and is being carried out by researchers based at the NUI Galway school of physics in collaboration with the Institute for Prevention and Occupational Medicine (IPA) of the German Social Accident Insurance, Bochum, Germany.

    The project is taking place until May 2021.

    This new fellowship follows on from a four-year study that identified low levels of pesticide exposures among professional gardeners and amenity horticultural workers in Ireland, led by exposure science lecturer Dr Marie Coggins and Dr Alison Connolly from the school of physics at NUI Galway.

    To participate in the project, contact Dr Alison Connolly at

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