Keep on top of worm burdens in young cattle
Kieran Mailey
With warm conditions forecast to follow rain showers this week, worm burdens will be increasing on grazing swards, which pose a health risk to young cattle.
21 May 2024 Management
Managing the grazing rotation through peak grass growth
Grass growth is running ahead of demand, making it harder to manage grazing rotations.
15 May 2024 Markets
In pictures: Electric trade for grazing stores in Enniskillen
Grazing stores and weanlings were in high demand at the weekly sale in Enniskillen Mart.
Keep on top of fly control in heifers and dry cows
Warmer temperatures means fly activity is on the increase, putting heifers and dry autumn-calving cows at greater risk of summer mastitis.
14 May 2024 Management
Five tips to keep on top of grass quality in May
Grass growth is increasing and will exceed demand during May. Outlined are five tips to keep on top of grass quality over the coming weeks.
4 May 2024 Management
Five tips to setting up paddocks for beginners
For farmers thinking about setting up paddocks for the first time, outlined are some tips to keep in mind.
27 April 2024 Management
Be alert for grass tetany as grazing resumes
Where suckler cows with calves at foot have been turned out to grass in recent days, make sure animals are well covered for magnesium to prevent tetany.
23 April 2024 Management
Five tips to get spring grazing back on track
Settled weather in the week ahead will create opportunities for grazing on drier land. Outlined are some tips to get spring grazing back on track.
20 April 2024 Management
Buying stores to graze: Do the costs stack?
Where farmers are planning to purchase store cattle to graze and finish, doing up a budget before buying is advised. Kieran Mailey reports.
10 April 2024 Northern Ireland
Record rainfall disrupting grazing plans in Mayo
Adam Woods reports from a Teagasc early grass walk in Ballyglass in Co Mayo.
27 March 2024 Grass & feeding
Scanning autumn calving cows before turnout
If autumn-calving cows have yet to be scanned, it is a job worth carrying out before turnout.
26 March 2024 Management
Ten tips to start spring grazing
After a long winter, farmers are keen to get cattle out to grass. Kieran Mailey outlines some tips for managing spring grazing.
20 March 2024 Northern Ireland