Northern Ireland
Ten top tips for housing cattle
Kieran Mailey
Heavy rain has brought an end to the grazing season on many livestock farms and where farmers are housing cattle, Kieran Mailey outlines some tips to keep in mind.
23 September 2023 Management
Five tips for managing cattle at housing time
Ground conditions have deteriorated and many farmers have started housing cattle. Outlined are five things to consider when housing cattle.
9 September 2023 Management
Five tips to improve grass utilisation in autumn grazing
Getting good utilisation in autumn grazing can be tricky. Outlined are five tips to get the most from grass as the grazing season moves into its final few weeks.
Five tips for building grass covers for autumn grazing
Farmers should be looking to harness grass growth over the next few weeks to build sward covers for grazing into late autumn.
26 August 2023 Management
Five tips for creep grazing calves
Creep grazing lets youngstock get the best grass on farm and helps prepare calves for weaning. Outlined are some tips to get up and running.
19 August 2023 Management
Five options for managing reseeded grass in wet conditions
While rain has shelved many plans for reseeding, where farmers have new grass in place, Kieran Mailey offers some advice on managing these swards in wet conditions.
8 August 2023 Reseeding
Footprint farmers mine minerals with multispecies swards
Simple steps and a willingness to try new approaches can make a big difference to the environmental footprint of a farm, writes Emma Hart PhD, conservation ecologist.
19 July 2023 Footprint Farmers
Managing grassland through a wet summer
Grazing conditions are getting harder to manage on livestock farms after a month of frequent, heavy rain. Kieran Mailey outlines some advice for grassland management.
19 July 2023 Northern Ireland
Keep on top of magnesium supplementation in wet conditions
Herd owners should be taking all possible steps to reduce the risk of grass tetany in lactating cows grazing wet, lush grass.
18 July 2023 Management
Five tips to set up grazing for summer
With most regions of the country getting rain in late June, grass growth is increasing and should help set the farm up for the summer grazing.
1 July 2023 Management
Top tips for stretching grass covers until growth rates recover
Rain over the past week will help grass growth, but grazing swards will be slow to recover. Until then, Kieran Mailey outlines six tips to stretch grazing covers.
21 June 2023 Northern Ireland
Rain showers give windows for fertiliser
Make the most of rain showers this week to get fertiliser on to grazing swards and boost grass growth.
20 June 2023 Management