Keep on top of worm burdens in young cattle
Kieran Mailey
With warm conditions forecast to follow rain showers this week, worm burdens will be increasing on grazing swards, which pose a health risk to young cattle.
24 May 2024 News
Productivity increases best way to reduce livestock emissions - Mitloehner
Professor Frank Mitloehner outlined the top measures to reduce emissions from livestock farming globally.
23 May 2024 News
Munster Bovine appoints chief executive
With over 30 years' experience in the veterinary sector, Martin Kavanagh has been appointed as the new chief executive of Munster Bovine.
€750,000 for antimicrobial resistance research
Three projects have been awarded €250,000 each to develop tools aimed at combating the rise of antimicrobial resistance.
21 May 2024 News
Optimal handling of vaccines to maximise efficiency
Vaccines are a good insurance policy to guard against disease but their value can be quickly eroded if handled incorrectly.
15 May 2024 Sheep handling
Muir left powerless on animal disease
The power to direct and control policy around major animal diseases in NI now lies with the UK government
15 May 2024 Northern Ireland
Keep on top of fly control in heifers and dry cows
Warmer temperatures means fly activity is on the increase, putting heifers and dry autumn-calving cows at greater risk of summer mastitis.
14 May 2024 Management
Up to €26,000 per dairy farm to tackle bird flu in US
The US Department of Agriculture has announced a number of supports to tackle the bird flu situation in dairy herds there.
12 May 2024 News
Getting on top of scald before it takes hold
The change in weather is said to be giving rise to a higher incidence of scald in young lambs.
10 May 2024 Markets
Teagasc launches BEEF2024 open day
'Securing your future' is the theme of this year's Teagasc BEEF2024 open day, which will take place on 26 June in Grange, Co Meath.
9 May 2024 News
TB trends worsen on farms
The minister has amended comments aimed at farming organisation's engagement with TB controls through the disease's stakeholder forum.
8 May 2024 News
TB herd incidence now above 5%
A lack of stakeholder engagement on curbing TB spread between cattle is holding up eradication efforts, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has claimed.
7 May 2024 News