Virtually no limits for MSD
The Dealer
The announcement will combine nicely with their Sensehub collars, which are gaining traction in the dairy sector of late.
28 September 2022 News
Farmers locked up with TB to buy in cattle with ‘veterinary guidance’
The Department of Agriculture has made a series of proposals to farm organisations on how it plans to eradicate TB.
21 September 2022 Breeding & health
Looking out for lungworm in autumn
Natascha Meunier takes a look at lungworm this autumn and looks ahead to the CellCheck events.
Sheep Management: ram breeding concerns, health risks and SWS tasks
Breeding is around the corner for many flocks, and plans should now be at an advanced stage including the flock breeding policy.
21 September 2022 Management
‘Compromise’ to see over 170,000 cattle to be TB tested twice yearly
The change is to see cattle over the age of 36 months which have not been tested within the six months prior to sale needing a test before leaving the farm or within a month of transfer.
16 September 2022 News
Dairy Management: grass growth and animal health risks
The rain is helping grass growth to recover but with it brings the danger of nitrate toxicity.
7 September 2022 Management
Details of new FQAS rules published
A new set of rules for the NI beef and lamb farm quality assurance scheme comes into effect on 1 November 2022.
7 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Dairy cull cows exposed to welfare issues during transport – report
The European Commission has received a series of recommendations on the welfare of animals during transport which it will now use to inform a review.
7 September 2022 News
No agreement on who will pay for extra TB testing – ICSA
The ICSA has said that farmers will pay for one annual herd test and one test only.
1 September 2022 News
Preparing for selective dry cow therapy
This coming winter will be the first year that all farmers will have to comply with new rules around the use of antibiotics at drying off. Aidan Brennan looks at the impact of these rules.
31 August 2022 Animal Health
Lameness in sheep: diagnosing, preventing and treating
Lameness is estimated to cost Irish sheep farmers €5m annually through loss of production regarding weight gain and fertility.
31 August 2022 Animal Health
Testing dosing efficacy with a faecal egg count reduction test
Now is a good time of year to carry out faecal egg count reduction tests as worm burdens in pasture are likely to be at a high level.
31 August 2022 Animal Health