Five tips for grazing through wet conditions
Kieran Mailey
Grazing conditions have become increasingly difficult after a prolonged wet period. Outlined are five tips to keeping cattle settled at grass.
18 March 2023 Grass & feeding
Watch: grazing gets more difficult on Thrive demo farm
Declan Marren was on the Thrive demo farm this week, where grazing conditions have become a lot trickier since the wet weather returned last weekend.
18 March 2023 Management
Five tips to managing cows and calves until turnout
Wet conditions are expected to continue into next week, delaying plans to turn spring calving cows and calves out to grass on many farms.
Keeping on top of hygiene in calving pens
As spring calving activity ramps up, keeping on top of hygiene in pens is important.
14 March 2023 Management
Calf rearing series: hitting target weights at every stage
In the final part of the calf rearing series, Declan Marren looks at the importance of hitting growth targets at every stage throughout the system.
15 March 2023 Grass & feeding
Tullamore Farm bulls: take the money or feed on?
Adam Woods takes a look at the Tullamore Farm bull performance and does a budget on selling now or taking them to finish.
8 March 2023 Management
Thrive: feeding calves during a colder weather
Declan Marren looks at some simple tips to minimise the impact cold weather on calf performance in the rearing shed.
4 March 2023 Grass & feeding
Five tips to prepare stock bull for breeding
For February- and March-calving suckler herds, breeding will start in early May. Therefore, the stock bull should be getting some additional attention in preparation for breeding.
4 March 2023 Management
Beef Management: CBV values and getting cows back in calf
With CBV values going up on mart boards this week, we take a look at what they are and how farmers can use them when buying dairy x calves.
1 March 2023 Management
Five tips for turning cattle out to grass
Where cattle will go to grass in March, outlined are a couple of tips to help the transition to outdoors.
25 February 2023 Management
Preparing cattle for turnout
As the temperatures begin to rise, take some time to check all is in place for the upcoming grazing writes Natascha Meunier, Beef HealthCheck programme manager with AHI.
1 March 2023 Animal Health
Curing common calf problems
March is the month of many problems and this can be especially true when it comes to calves.
1 March 2023 Animal Health