Five tips for grazing forage crops over winter
Kieran Mailey
Where farmers plan on outwintering cattle on crops such as kale, outlined are five tips to grazing management.
21 November 2023 Management
Watching autumn calving cows for repeat heats
Where breeding got underway in early November for autumn calving cows, keep a close eye for signs of animals repeating over the coming week.
18 November 2023 Management
Five tips for managing the calf creep
Suckler calves should have access to a creep area during winter and the outlined tips will help to manage the pen during winter.
Five tips for managing the silage pit
When it comes to keeping a clean face on the silage clamp, outlined are some tips to managing the pit this winter.
11 November 2023 Management
Five tips for effective fluke control this autumn
When fluke-drenching cattle this autumn, follow some of the outlined tips to get the most effective cover possible.
28 October 2023 Management
Five farm maintenance jobs to complete before winter
With cattle housed, outlined are five jobs to consider as the winter feeding routine gets underway.
21 October 2023 Management
Time for lice control in housed cattle
Where cattle have been housed, there are growing reports of lice causing irritation to growing animals.
17 October 2023 Management
Five tips for autumn breeding in suckler herds
On farms operating an autumn-calving suckler herd, breeding is likely to get under way around the end of October to early November. Outlined are five tips to keep in mind.
14 October 2023 Management
Five post-housing management tasks for cattle
Cattle handling tasks are easier to plan and carry out after housing. Outlined are five tasks to consider now that winter housing is under way.
7 October 2023 Management
Finishing 700 cattle/year in Shercock
Adam Woods visits beef finisher Samuel Hill, winner of the National Livestock show beef finisher sustainability award, who farms just outside Shercock in Co Cavan
4 October 2023 Winter Feed
Five tips for managing cattle at housing time
Ground conditions have deteriorated and many farmers have started housing cattle. Outlined are five things to consider when housing cattle.
23 September 2023 Management
Five tips to improve grass utilisation in autumn grazing
Getting good utilisation in autumn grazing can be tricky. Outlined are five tips to get the most from grass as the grazing season moves into its final few weeks.
9 September 2023 Management