Tillage Management: harvest under way and lots of rules to remember
Siobhán Walsh
Harvest has started for some across the country, and will get into full swing for many in the next week.
28 June 2023 Husbandry
Tillage Management: harvest nears, assess decisions made this season
As harvest nears for some farmers, it is time to assess some of the decisions made during the season.
28 June 2023 Markets
Grain trends: Prices move up and down
Grain prices are volatile at present, with many different factors affecting the market from weather to politics.
Tines, hoes and robots – vegetable weed control demo
A second, specialised demonstration will take place at the event this year and will put 17 mechanical weed control machines for field vegetable crops to the test write Andy Whelton and Stephen Robb.
Sunshine brings great growth to crops
This week, Conor Kehoe catches up with farmers in Meath, Derry and Kilkenny.
Know your growth stages: efficient timing is everything
Plant protection products should be applied at the correct timing. Identifying growth stages can be difficult.
12 April 2023 Crop protection
What input spends should change with changing grain prices?
Dr Tom McCabe of UCD describes how to optimise fungicide use in winter wheat in a challenging environment.
12 April 2023 Crop protection
Fungicide resistance – an update from Bayer
While there is ongoing evidence that sensitivity to fungicides is decreasing in many European countries, it seems that most actives are holding their effectiveness in Ireland, writes Andy Doyle.
12 April 2023 Crop protection
Managing herbicide-resistant wild oats and less-sensitive bromes
Vijaya Bhaskar AV discusses cultural and chemical options to effectively control populations of wild oats and bromes.
12 April 2023 Crop protection
Bruchid beetle: a new challenge for Irish bean production
Dr Eamon Nolan of South East Technological University and Antoine Pichon of Teagasc are investigating bruchid beetles in Ireland and are looking for farmers to take some measurements.
12 April 2023 Crop protection