Weed control technology - what are the latest developments?
Weed control is going through a mini-revolution. For decades, herbicide was the solution to all weed problems, but this is quickly changing, writes Dermot Forristal, Teagasc Oak Park.
19 October 2022 Husbandry
Cleaning up or tidying up winter rape crops
Weed control is important in oilseed rape and it is important to pay particular heed to good grass weed control.
28 September 2022 Husbandry
Herbicide sensitivity across the spectrum of grass weeds
The challenges of grass weed control continue to increase as husbandry drives infestation pressure and resistance to herbicides increases. Teagasc' s Vijaya Bhaskar AV reports.
Target early herbicide for general weed control
Weed control has been pushed towards pre-emerge treatment to tackle grass weeds. There are many pre-emerge options for wheat but fewer for the other cereals, write Andy Doyle and Stephen Robb.
20 October 2021 Husbandry
The challenges of herbicide-resistant grass weeds
Grass weeds are a growing problem in tillage fields and herbicide resistance is adding massively to the extent of those challenges, writes Vijaya Bhaskar of Teagasc.
11 April 2021 Crop protection
Spring crop planting to control blackgrass
Growing spring crops can be a key integrated pest management tool for controlling blackgrass writes Jimmy Staples, enable conservation project manager with Teagasc.
24 February 2021 Crops