105 dairy farmers defy Bord Bia calf slaughter rules
Declan O’Brien
There has been a 40% reduction in the number of calves slaughtered this year compared to 2023, with close to 19,000 culled so far this year.
22 May 2024 Slurry
Separate slurry ceiling needs to be confirmed
A separate ceiling for slurry storage would go a long way towards increasing storage and improving farm developments, while all the while protecting our watercourses.
20 May 2024 News
ICOS calls on MEP candidates to prioritise ‘chronic shortage’ of young farmers
All institutions in the EU should include farmers and co-operatives in the consultation process relating to files which have a direct impact on farms, ICOS has said.
Beyond Meat reflects category's problems
Consumers remain unattracted by either plant or laboratory-based fake meat products, but no room for farmer or industry complacency.
15 May 2024 News
Young dairy farmers can travel to New Zealand with new FRS scheme
New Zealand Dairy Careers and FRS have announced a work exchange scheme for young dairy farmers.
8 May 2024 News
70% slurry storage grant in the pipework but no mention of separate TAMS ceiling
While the European commission has given approval for a 70% storage grant, uptake will likely be low, show surveys and analysis. Martin Merrick and Siobhan Walsh report.
24 April 2024 Infrastructure
EIP calls announced for animal welfare and gender balance
The latest European Innovation Partnership project calls are two new themes not previously covered under this CAP funding source.
24 April 2024 Schemes
Ideas sought for new animal welfare and gender balance EIPs
A second interest call will open later in the year for projects focused on the environment.
24 April 2024 News
New campaign to remind dog owners of their responsibilities
Dog owners are to be reminded that they are responsible for controlling their dogs at all times.
22 April 2024 News
Organic farmers eligible for new sheep welfare scheme
There were some concerns from farmers that the actions included would not be amenable to organic farmers but certification bodies have dispelled such fears.
17 April 2024 News
Dog attack kills 10 sheep in Tipperary
A Tipperary farmer has lost 10 sheep after two dogs attacked and killed them, costing him €2,000.
17 April 2024 News
‘Heat-resistant’ cattle breed could offer climate change solutions - UCD
Criollo cattle breeds could now offer a solution to the challenges poised by climate change, according to new research.
30 March 2024 News