Positive start to 2024 for beef and sheep markets
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Bord Bia sheepmeat and livestock manager Seamus McMenamin and beef sector manager Mark Zeig analyse beef and sheep markets.
14 February 2024 News
NZ beef makes mark in UK
New Zealand beef exports are considered the poor relation behind dairy and sheep meat, but they have potential in UK.
11 February 2024 News
UK can be 'plan B' for Australian exports
After more than a decade of rapid growth, signs are that with a slowing economy, growth in demand for beef and sheep meat imports in China will level off this year
China bought more but paid less in 2023
China's sheepmeat imports rebounded in 2023 and beef import volumes increased slightly, but values were well below what was paid in 2022.
9 February 2024 News
China’s economy barrier to beef imports
The Irish Farmers Journal caught up with Rupert Claxton of GIRA in the margins of the Bord Bia meat seminar for an outside view on prospects for Irish beef exports.
26 January 2024 News
Cows make up to €5/kg as supplies tighten
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade including news of how low cattle supplies is driving prices upwards.
17 January 2024 Markets
Beef Trends: cull cow demand driving trade
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade, including the latest quotes for finished cattle.
17 January 2024 Markets
China hits peak beef imports
First 10 months of 2023 show a marginal increase in China's beef imports, while sheepmeat imports rebound after dip in 2022.
26 December 2023 News
China lifts import ban on three Australian beef plants
The move by Beijing is viewed as a positive development for the Australian beef sector and a sign of improved relations between the two countries.
17 December 2023 News
Commissioner defends trade deals with EU output to fall
The defence comes as lower EU farm production is expected over the coming decade amid tightening environmental and animal welfare rules for farmers.
13 December 2023 News
Global demand for beef imports to rise as EU output falls
The EU is facing a further decline to suckler numbers and a drop in the volumes of beef exported over the next decade, the EU agricultural outlook conference heard.
7 December 2023 Markets
Steak meat the bright spot in UK retail trade
UK consumers continue to spend more on beef, but buy less volume and preference for high-value lamb cuts also increases at the expense of cheaper cuts.
24 November 2023 News