Northern Ireland
Slatabogie Holsteins make the show ring a family affair
Kieran Mailey
The Paul family from Maghera are showcasing their pedigree Holstein cattle in the main cattle classes at 2023 Winter Fair.
2 December 2023 Management
Five management jobs for December
When it comes to jobs on farm, outlined are a few tasks to keep on top of during December.
21 November 2023 Management
Watching autumn calving cows for repeat heats
Where breeding got underway in early November for autumn calving cows, keep a close eye for signs of animals repeating over the coming week.
Heat detection in autumn-calving cows
Breeding will be getting under way in autumn-calving suckler herds and good heat detection should be part of the daily routine.
31 October 2023 Management
Five tips for autumn breeding in suckler herds
On farms operating an autumn-calving suckler herd, breeding is likely to get under way around the end of October to early November. Outlined are five tips to keep in mind.
14 October 2023 Management