Carbon Removals Action Group calls for clarity on trading
Declan O’Brien
John Hourigan of CRAG berated the Government's 'useful confusion' in relation to carbon credits and carbon farming.
10 July 2024 Farm machinery
Combining modern tech with older kit
Gary Abbott caught up with Andrew Shorten of Vantage Ireland, resellers of FarmTRX combine yield monitors to find out more about the process involved in retrofitting a yield monitor and its benefits.
Climate-neutral Ireland could require 30% cut to beef and milk - EPA research
Sweeping changes to Ireland's agricultural output, forestry plantings and soil management would be required to reach net zero by 2050, new research published has suggested.
No farmers in the Carbon Farming Working Group
The Carbon Farming Working Group has a lot of industry representation but farmers are in short supply.
12 June 2024 News
Clarity on carbon trading needed from the Department
There is a definite absence of certainty around the ownership of carbon credits and the ability to trade them.
5 June 2024 Dealer
Farmers free to trade carbon credits, says Gleeson
However, the Department of Agriculture secretary general said the State has to account for any reductions in emissions under international climate change agreements.
19 May 2024 News
New platform launched to trade farm carbon
Management at ConnectGreen claim to have 2,000 acres on their books, and plenty of multinational demand for the carbon and biodiversity credits.
15 May 2024 News
Farmer Writes: once a cow calves you can’t turn off the tap
The end buyer must realise that farmers are producing and rearing youngstock to produce milk in three years’ time without knowing what the end price will be, Joe Collingborn writes.
24 February 2024 Farmer Writes
Wind energy generation continues to climb
Wind farms alone provided on average 35% of the island’s electricity, setting a new record for the amount of power they produced.
17 January 2024 Renewables