Wind energy generation continues to climb
Stephen Robb
Wind farms alone provided on average 35% of the island’s electricity, setting a new record for the amount of power they produced.
25 December 2023 Viewpoints
Carbon farming – the Australian experience and lessons for Ireland
The sheep and cattle that used to graze the land have been removed and many farms have been planted with trees.
6 December 2023 Northern Ireland
NI farms lose out on carbon income
A new EU framework has recently been agreed for certifying carbon removals from the land-based sector.
Carbon farming in Australia
Drive to get Australian livestock farmers up to speed on offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions.
8 November 2023 News
Farm families at the centre of Pat Murphy’s campaign for IFA deputy president
Farm families need an IFA to be stronger than it ever was, to stand up for them, to fight, Galway's Pat Murphy said.
24 September 2023 News
Letter advocating for carbon farming programme
"An all stick-and-no-carrot approach only makes it more difficult for farmers" - Sean Kelly, MEP for Ireland South.
13 September 2023 Letters
Farmers set to be paid for on-farm carbon
New carbon farming legislation received the green light from the European Parliament's agriculture committee on Wednesday.
30 August 2023 News