Climate and environment
Government to launch major review of wildlife legislation in summer
Amy Forde
An extensive public consultation on the review of Ireland’s wildlife legislation is to open in mid-June.
20 May 2024 News
National Biodiversity Week celebrates Ireland's 600 Natura 2000 sites
This week celebrates National Biodiversity Week and Minister Malcolm Noonan has called on the public to immerse themselves in the natural world and celebrate the diversity of life.
17 May 2024 News
Nature Restoration Law letter shows ‘contempt’ to farmers - Punch
Earlier this week, Minister Eamon Ryan and Minister of State Malcolm Noonan led a letter calling for all countries in the EU to support the law at an upcoming vote.
Government intervention on Nature Restoration Law ill-judged - IFA
EU and Minister Eamon Ryan 'would have been better off engaging directly with farmers rather than bringing in a flawed law'.
14 May 2024 News
Searching for a model that works in Co Kerry
Tommy Reidy’s farming journey is a case study on how being open-minded, resourceful and relevant can unlock a farm’s hidden assets and offer a pathway back to the land for young, part-time farmers.
Three Irish projects shortlisted for European innovation awards
Three Irish projects have been shortlisted for the 2024 European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture awards.
22 April 2024 News
News round-up from Northern Ireland
Weekly round-up of news from across the farming industry in Northern Ireland
20 March 2024 Northern Ireland
Joined-up thinking on a fragmented holding in Co Antrim
David McBride blurs the false line between farmer and ‘environmentalist’, his love of farming and focus on profit resting easily with a lifelong interest in ornithology, writes Brendan Dunford.
20 March 2024 Footprint Farmers
Groundcare: let it bee - striking a balance for nature
To cut or not to cut? The experts share their advice on how to make space for nature in gardens across the country, writes Grace Hanna.
13 March 2024 Gardening
Commission takes Ireland to court over failure to protect bogs
The European Commission has announced its decision to refer Ireland to the European Court of Justice.
13 March 2024 News
'Revamped CAP' needed to fund nature restoration
Moran insisted that farmers will have to be paid for any improvements in habitats and the environment which their actions deliver.
6 March 2024 News
Dempsey at Large: Nature restoration - who pays from what budget?
For the medium term, the aim is to have 20% of the EU land subject to a restoration programme by 2030, and all systems in need of restoration to be in an approved programme by 2050.
6 March 2024 Viewpoints