Climate and environment
Simple ways to improve sustainability
Ellen Durkin
Both biodiversity and soil health have an important role to play in improving on-farm sustainability.
22 February 2023 Features
International farm series: from beef to bugs in Wales
As part of our international farmer series, Maria Moynihan talks to Dr Sarah Beynon, who diversified her traditional Welsh family farm from beef to bugs.
21 February 2023 Footprint Farmers
Can drones improve sustainability on Irish farms?
LiDAR and multi-spectral imaging with a drone was carried out on the Footprint Farms over the past few months as part of the Teagasc Signpost programme.
The best way to burn upland areas
Tuesday 28 February is the last date for hedge-cutting and prescribed burning until Friday 1 September.
17 February 2023 Climate and environment
Over 130,000ha of western blanket bog to be surveyed
Some 63,000ha of blanket bog and associated habitats are to be surveyed this year.
Commission takes issue with Ireland’s new forestry programme
A letter from the Commission to the Department of Agriculture’s forestry division noted that the forestry programme failed to “sufficiently address” concerns around the impact of peatlands and birds.
27 January 2023 Forestry
Virtual fencing could be a game-changer for farmers - study
The virtual fencing pilot took place on 12 sites covering a total grazing area of 7,184ha over three years.
18 January 2023 News
Changes needed on Tullamore Farm to meet biodiversity target
Tullamore Farm was recently scored as part of the BRIDE Project, and the final report has now been compiled.
11 January 2023 Footprint Farmers
New €15m fund to expand Wild Atlantic Nature project to western seaboard
The funding will be used to build capacity at local and national levels through upskilling, training and education programmes and restoration work.
16 December 2022 Climate and environment
Department needs to step up
The Dealer is afraid to coppice his hedgerows in the new ACRES scheme and thinks the Department needs to inform the public on some of the actions that farmers are taking.
14 December 2022 Dealer
Ambitious EU nature restoration law would result in seismic shift in farming
The EU's proposed nature restoration law has significant implications for farmers. Anne Finnegan, policy analyst, takes a closer look.
14 December 2022 Climate and environment
Agriculture is always a battle against nature
Sometimes we never stop to think about the obvious in that any form of agriculture is not natural, regardless of the farming system employed.
12 December 2022 Crops