Tullamore Farm: end of the breeding season in sight
Declan Marren
There is plenty happening on Tullamore Farm at the moment between breeding coming to a close, bulls being drafted for slaughter and the first lambs being killed.
10 May 2022 Management
Making the final call on maiden heifers for breeding
Replacement heifers should have a minimum target liveweight to meet before the breeding season starts. This improves conception rates and reduces issues at calving time.
6 April 2022 News
Lowering age at slaughter key to reducing GHG emissions
A look at a new report being launched by ABP and ICBF this week detailing the GHG emissions of beef animals.
Commercial Beef Value: a new era for indexes
The Commercial Beef Value (CBV) is a new ICBF genetic value for all animals destined for beef production. ICBF’s Chris Daly reports.
9 March 2022 News
Two livestock vessels steaming for Irish shores
Adam Woods has some positive news on live exports with another two boats due to dock in the next week.
19 January 2022 News
Beef Management: slurry spreading delay, compensatory group and new webinars
Adam Woods takes a look at whether farmers should delay slurry spreading this spring, compensatory growth in weanlings and our new spring webinar series kicking off in February
19 January 2022 Management