Five tips to stretch grass covers for grazing
Kieran Mailey
Grazing management has become challenging for many farms as wet weather has left ground soft and growth rates are below demand. Outlined are some tips to stretching grass covers.
11 June 2024 Management
Cold and wet conditions raise pneumonia and tetany risks
Suckler cows in milk and young calves will be at increased risk of grass tetany and pneumonia as cold, wet weather persists.
4 June 2024 Management
Fertiliser window for grazing and silage aftermath
With plenty of rain showers this week, there will be opportunities to get fertiliser on grazing swards and slurry on silage aftermath.
Beef Management: BPS application deadline and grass tetany prevention
Adam Woods takes a look at fertiliser application on beef farms, BPS deadlines and preventing grass tetany on suckler farms.
1 May 2024 Management
Be alert for grass tetany as grazing resumes
Where suckler cows with calves at foot have been turned out to grass in recent days, make sure animals are well covered for magnesium to prevent tetany.
23 April 2024 Management
Beef Management: shed space, colostrum and lime/fertilsier applications
Adam Woods takes a look at dealing with the current weather conditions, getting enough colostrum into calves and the lime/fertilser/slurry relationships that farmers have to remember.
13 March 2024 Management
Dairy management: steps to prevent milk fever
Aidan Brennan looks at some of the ways to reduce the risk of milk fever particularly in later-calving cows this spring.
11 March 2024 Management
Dairy management: grazing, blue cards and milk fever
There is a lot of anger over delays to getting blue cards returned and tags breaking, writes Aidan Brennan.
21 February 2024 Management
Feeding dry cow minerals this winter
Dairy specialist Declan Collins looks at where farmers should focus this dry period when it comes to dry cow minerals and preparing for calving 2024.
1 January 2024 Management