Northern Ireland
AD can supply 80% of gas needs, NI study finds
David Wright
As well as decarbonising heat, AD brings other potential environmental benefits, believe the researchers
31 March 2022 News
Vogelsang turnover up 8% to €145m
The Vogelsang group has reported an annual turnover of €145m in 2021, up 8% on the previous year.
20 March 2022 News
Phosphate rights in the Netherlands - how do they work?
Moves by the Department to introduce mandatory quotas per dairy farm has got farmers talking about alternatives as straight limits don't incentivise improvement at farm level.
Bergmann introduces variable rate control
Latest updates from Bergmann include a new weighing compensation system with the benefits of variable rate control and more accurate and even spreading in accordance to a set application rate.
24 February 2022 News
Crop sector can make step to carbon neutral
Teagasc researcher Dr Gary Lanigan addressed an online event organised by the UFU, CAFRE and the Ulster Arable Society.
2 February 2022 News
Five tips to get the most from early slurry
With the slurry spreading season opening up, outlined are five tips to get the most out of an early spring application and reduce the need for chemical nitrogen.
15 January 2022 Management
Nettles wanted from farms
The Corncrake Life project is looking for nettles growing on farms in Donegal, Mayo and Galway.
5 January 2022 Dealer
Dealing with loose dung in cattle post-housing
There are increased reports of cattle having very loose dung in sheds this winter. Here we take a look at some of the reasons for it and whether or not it is a cause for concern.
19 December 2021 Management
Netherlands announces €25bn plan to radically change Dutch farming
Renowned globally for producing milk, meat and flowers, a new Dutch government has just announced plans that could change the face of Dutch farming.
16 December 2021 News
Pledge to cut methane - what does it mean for Irish farmers?
At COP26 there was a pledge to cut methane emissions by 30%. Professor Gerry Boyle asks does that spell disaster for the Irish livestock industry?
2 November 2021 News
Dairy management: last chance for slurry
The closed period for spreading slurry commences this coming Friday 15 October.
11 October 2021 Management
Widescale production of biochar in Ireland needed - IrBEA
Biochar is a carbon-based product, which is created when rushes, scrub and other material are fed into a machine and converted to an advanced form of charcoal.
6 September 2021 News