Beef Trends: factories move to cool trade
Adam Woods
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade, including the latest factory quotes for finished animals.
5 February 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: factories digging in on price
Base quotes for Tuesday continue to range from €6.65/kg to €6.80/kg leaving starting prices for quality assured sheep in the region of €6.85/kg to €6.90/kg.
10 January 2024 Markets
Dairy Trends: European prices dip but still ahead of GDT
As global dairy supplies tail off, prices for the key commodities are holding firm at the Global Dairy Trade, writes Aidan Brennan.
New Year optimism for beef and sheep
The short term outlook for the beef and sheep sectors during the early stages of 2024 is positive
3 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Dairy trends: what happened in 2023?
Aidan Brennan looks back over dairy trade in 2023 and assesses how prices are now versus last year
27 December 2023 Markets
Spanish lamb prices hit €8.90/kg
Prices have surpassed the French market, where farmgate lamb prices are running in the region of €8.53/kg.
25 November 2023 News
Dairy Trends: European prices still rising as GDT remains stable
European spot market prices for dairy continues to rise, but the GDT index remains stable.
22 November 2023 Markets
Impact of influx into organics
Will additional output or indeed price premium be achieved - we will have to wait and see.
8 November 2023 Viewpoints
Organics, Donegal isolation and unity feature big at IFA debate
The IFA presidential debate roadshow continued this week, with candidates travelling to Donegal.
31 October 2023 News
Sheep price update: solid start to week’s trading
Base quotes continue to range from €6.10/kg to €6.30/kg, with prices ranging in the main from €6.30/kg to €6.50/kg for quality assured lambs and to a top of €6.60/kg to €6.65/kg.
23 October 2023 Markets
Dairy Trends: confidence building in dairy markets
Spot market prices for most of the key commodities are rising sharply, but will the price rises be sustained, asks Aidan Brennan.
11 October 2023 Markets
Finally, some good news from oil and fuel markets
Crude prices tumble and Russia lifts most export restrictions.
6 October 2023 Global trade