Beef management: Delayed turnout leads to housing issues
Adam Woods
In this week's beef management notes, Adam Woods takes a look at coccidiosis.
3 April 2024 Management
Beef Management: grazing problems and scour issues
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at grazing issues and calf scour.
1 April 2024 Farmer Writes
Farmer Writes: every day's a school day
'Demand for cattle is strong and the price is decent. There was a lot of meal consumed over the winter, but all in all I’m happy with how they did' - James Strain.
Beef Management: shed space, colostrum and lime/fertilsier applications
Adam Woods takes a look at dealing with the current weather conditions, getting enough colostrum into calves and the lime/fertilser/slurry relationships that farmers have to remember.
13 March 2024 Management
Spotting a sick animal on a dairy farm
Aidan Brennan looks at the signs of ill health and the best way to spot them on dairy farms.
2 March 2024 Animal Health
Five tips for turning cattle out to grass
Although ground conditions are currently poor, mid- to late-March will hopefully see lighter cattle filtering out to grass as weather improves. Outlined are some tips for turnout.
2 March 2024 Management
Bolstering immunity with Bovilis Bovipast RSP: reduce and control pneumonia
Sarah Higgins, ruminant and equine veterinary manager with MSD Animal Health, answers some frequently asked questions on bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and Bovilis Bovipast RSP.
Beef Welfare Scheme advice, scour prevention and looking after yourself
Beef editor Adam Woods takes a look at the beef welfare scheme, preventing scour and looking after the 'number one' asset on the farm this spring: yourself.
14 February 2024 Management
Beginners' tips for rearing dairy calves
Successfully rearing dairy-bred calves takes skill. Outlined are some tips to consider where farmers have plans to move into this sector.
20 January 2024 Calves
Pneumonia, stock bulls and cashflow
Adam Woods takes a look at pneumonia issues, looking after stock bulls and keeping an eye on cashflow on drystock farms
13 December 2023 Management
Beef Management: winter finishing sums and weanling health
In this week's Beef Management, Adam Woods takes a look at the sums around winter finishing and weanling health.
6 December 2023 Management
Mild October highlights ever-present ventilation issues
Martin Merrick calculates what air inlet vented sheeting has in comparison to space or Yorkshire boarding, as a mild October highlighted ever-present ventilation issues.
22 November 2023 Buildings