Additional land rental to cost less than €300/ac
Noel Bardon
The expected cost of sourcing additional land to reduce stocking rates in 2024 is between €200 and €300/ac.
25 October 2023 Northern Ireland
Johne’s suspected on 30% of NI dairy farms
The research paper states that a further 13.7% of local dairy farms have had a confirmed case of Johne’s.
4 October 2023 Viewpoints
Emergency tillage aid falls well short
It is crystal clear why there is an outcry at an emergency aid payment in the order of €28/ha, because it falls well short of expectations.
Tillage sector seeks exceptional aid package
The tillage sector has come out strongly this week calling for exceptional aid and a stop to land loss from the sector.
27 September 2023 News
Tillage Podcast: on the ground at the National Ploughing Championships
This week's Tillage Podcast comes to you live from the Irish Farmers Journal stand at the National Ploughing Championships.
21 September 2023 News
Tillage can't wait for a report
The budget is approaching fast but details of any possible exceptional aid or future scheme details are needed even faster.
20 September 2023 Viewpoints
Half of tillage farmers to lose rented land in 2024
Tillage farmers are struggling to pay bills at the minute and it looks like the sector will lose out massively in the land rental market for the coming season.
20 September 2023 News
Money needed instead of tillage talk
The proposed new nitrates limits will drive land rental prices further.
13 September 2023 Viewpoints
Frustration building on political leadership - Minister in farmer firing line
Tillage - the fact of the matter is the sector is getting chipped away at, all year, for multiple reasons.
6 September 2023 Viewpoints