Delay offers a chance to defuse veterinary medicines timebomb
The Dealer
Farmers, vets and merchants all have concerns around the National Veterinary Prescribing System that need to be allayed.
6 May 2022 News
New vet medicine rules deferred until December due to IT issues
Adam Woods has the latest on the vet medicine rule changes and what the extension will mean for farmers.
13 April 2022 Crop protection
Managing potato late blight
Potato late blight continues to be a major challenge for potato producers. In this article Steven Kildea outlines current and historic developments and reveals details of a new blight prediction model
Managing disease control in barley
Disease control in barley may seem predictable and straightforward but, in many ways it needs more complex consideration than disease control in wheat, write Steven Kildea and Deirdre Doyle of Teagasc
13 April 2022 Crop protection
Managing the risk of further fungicide resistance
Cereal growers have a lot to content with this year but essential measures to ensure the continued effectiveness of our limited fungicide arsenal must not be forgotten, writes Steven Kildea.
13 April 2022 Crop protection
A year like no other before
Escalating costs in a war-torn Europe should prompt a rethink on how EU policies have shaped our agriculture and our real concerns for food security.
13 April 2022 Crop protection
Biological control getting closer to being a field crop reality
A field trial using what is called a self-limiting version of the fall armyworm has been found to be successful in limiting this potentially devastating pest of maize.
4 April 2022 Husbandry
Department’s new parasite plan includes free worm control vet visits
The minister has said that farmers can have a visit from a specialist veterinarian to improve their control plans for parasites.
2 March 2022 News
Progress in aphid monitoring network
The ability to assess aphid species and test single aphids for virus infection or the presence of resistance genes is adding significantly to our knowledge.
2 February 2022 Husbandry
New VCI code of conduct to combat antimicrobial resistance
The revised code of conduct will come into effect on the 28 January 2022.
26 January 2022 News
Steroids: helping plants respond to heat stress
Steroid hormones appear to contribute to the heat stress resistance mechanism that can be found in plants, according to new research from Germany.
10 January 2022 Crops
Beef Management: high fertiliser prices – what should I do?
Adam Woods takes a look at high fertiliser prices and what beef farmers can do to try and spread out the risk in 2022.
8 December 2021 Management