Cows painted with zebra stripes repel flies - research
Barry Murphy
Researchers in Japan have come up with an alternative to insecticides to prevent flies biting cattle.
12 January 2023 News
EU to audit Ireland on animal welfare and pesticides
The EU's DG Health and Food Safety carry out audits monitoring EU legislation in the areas of food and feed safety, animal health, animal welfare and plant health.
11 January 2023 Crops
40 years in tillage: change was seen in all aspects of crop production
While change was evident in all agricultural sectors, it seems likely that tillage encountered the greatest changes overall having gone from incentivised production to set-aside.
Four decades of change in the tillage sector
In the first of two articles looking back at his four decades in tillage, Andy Doyle remembers some of the major changes in plant protection, in crop breeding and the loss of the sugar industry.
4 January 2023 Crops
Free vet consultation on farm parasites in 2023
Funding will continue next year to support farmers to determine the parasites on their farms and the products required to address them.
16 December 2022 News
Vet medicine compromise was always a non-runner
The legislation was arguably dead in the water before the lads in the wigs applied the coup de grâce.
7 December 2022 Dealer
Strong support for new TB levy, says Brown
The aim is for the first badger cull to take place in Northern Ireland next autumn, with initial surveys of badger setts in cull areas starting in the spring.
16 November 2022 Northern Ireland
Antibiotic resistance will kill more people than cancer – Teagasc
A Teagasc beef seminar in Wexford this week saw farmers warned about the implications of a build-up of antibiotic resistance.
2 November 2022 News
Micron Agritech: a college startup with global ambition
In week two of our Enterprise Ireland Innovation Series, Stephen Robb talks to Micron Agritech co-founder Daniel Izquierdo Hijazi to learn about the origin of the company and its innovative technology
26 October 2022 News
Re-thinking wormer use on sheep farms
The first in a series of National Sheep Association meetings took place in Co Antrim last week.
5 October 2022 Northern Ireland
Tillage Management: temperature drop helps make earlier planting a bit safer
While growers with larger acreages are already planting, waiting until October helps reduce pressures from potential problems like grass weeds and BYDV.
28 September 2022 Husbandry
Autumn animal health checks
Declan Marren has an overview of the autumn animal health focus which covers vaccination protocols, anthelmintic resistance and preparing ewes for the breeding season.
31 August 2022 Breeding & health