Tillage Management: temperature drop helps make earlier planting a bit safer
Andy Doyle
While growers with larger acreages are already planting, waiting until October helps reduce pressures from potential problems like grass weeds and BYDV.
31 August 2022 Breeding & health
Autumn animal health checks
Declan Marren has an overview of the autumn animal health focus which covers vaccination protocols, anthelmintic resistance and preparing ewes for the breeding season.
24 August 2022 News
Insect-based soil enhancer reduces aphid numbers 'significantly'
An environmentally sustainable method of controlling aphid populations on cereal crops has been found.
Factories try to apply pressure on beef trade
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade including factory prices for finished stock.
8 August 2022 Markets
Weed survey and mapping of herbicide-resistant grass weed distribution
We recently outlined an important survey of grass weeds. In this article, Teagasc researcher Vijaya Bhaskar AV presents the results of that large survey of resistant grass weed distribution on farms.
3 August 2022 Husbandry
Wheat variety options for autumn
While the recommended list is the safest place from which to choose varieties, some growers like to experiment with other varieties that are not commercial here.
13 July 2022
Dempsey at Large: science-based approach needed
The European Commission was able to demonstrate its commitment to and use of rigorous science as it dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. We should expect the same in its approach to agricultural policy.
29 June 2022 Viewpoints
Beef Managment: grass growth and worming advice
A look at grass growth issues across the country, the need for decent second cut silage crops and advice for worming cattle at grass.
22 June 2022 Management
Battle of wills on beef prices
Factories trying to ease prices back but farmers putting up strong resistance.
22 June 2022 News
Wormer resistant sheep scab present in NI
Sheep scab is caused by mites and injectable wormers which have the active ingredient macrocyclic lactone are a common treatment.
22 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Summer health problems and solutions
Adam Woods previews this week’s special summer animal health focus.
8 June 2022 Markets
Worms: To dose or not to dose
Adam Woods takes a look at dosing 2022-born calves and what the current best practice is in relation to the responsible use of dosing products.