Plans to exempt 28,000 farmers from inspections
Noel Bardon
Significant flexibilities from calendar farming are proposed for tillage farmers.
15 March 2024 News
Plans unveiled for cutting CAP red tape and reducing inspections
It has been proposed that farmers below 10ha are exempted from CAP inspections, while those above this threshold see fewer on-the-ground inspections as a result of better satellite checks.
28 February 2024 Letters
Letter regarding delayed payments
"I am totally demoralised by the system, but rather than dwell on its many faults, I would like to offer a couple of simple suggestions." – Kate Carmody, Beal Lodge, Asdee, Co Kerry.
Inspections a real source of stress for farmers - Minister
Minister McConalogue has signaled his belief that reducing farm inspections is possible and the change can be brought through in the short term.
27 February 2024 News
European Commission proposes to cut some farm inspections by 50%
The move will be discussed by agriculture ministers from across the EU at next week’s Council of Agriculture Ministers on 26 February.
23 February 2024 Schemes
Musk moves into farming
First, it was social media, then it was space, but now the global tech giants have turned their sights to agriculture, writes the Dealer.
31 January 2024 Dealer
Early warning system for flooding in Ireland being developed
The model - designed through artificial intelligence to predict the extent of future flooding - is accurate up to approximately 20 metres.
29 January 2024 News
Callows compensation payments stir controversy
Farmers claim the Copernicus satellite has missed flooding on numerous farms across the Shannon Callows.
20 December 2023 News