Moving towards T2 in winter wheat and final sprays on barley
Andy Doyle
Crops are moving nicely through growth stages, with winter barley heading towards its final fungicide at earing out, winter wheat is at T2 and early spring crops are at T1 timing.
6 April 2022 News
Vet medicines ‘shambles will put merchants out of business’
Vets, merchants and farmers are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of information on the proposed changes to the use of licensed medicines after 1 June 2022.
5 January 2022 Management
Beef Management: lice, slurry and keeping out-wintered animals healthy
Adam Woods takes a look at extra lice treatments, keeping out-wintered cattle healthy and with slurry spreading just around the corner, he has this year’s slurry spreading dates for each zone.
Project seeks to extend life of wormers
The study across seven NI farms has investigated practical strategies to reduce the threat of anthelmintic resistance.
24 November 2021 News
Growth promoters pay on USA farms, vet finds
Local vet Dr Mark Little visited a feedlot business in Texas as part of his Nuffield Scholarship.
10 November 2021 News
Fewer fluke products available for NI farmers
Only four active ingredients are licensed for liver fluke control in sheep in Northern Ireland, but five actives are available for use in cattle.
3 November 2021 News
Lower risk of fluke forecasted for NI farms
Farmers are being advised to use diagnostic tests on livestock before making decisions about fluke treatments.
13 October 2021 News
Making wormers last for the long haul
Scientists are investigating how local farmers could have more targeted wormer usage. Peter McCann reports.
15 September 2021 News
Vets track sheep scab spread with blood test
Scab is caused by a mite and can lead to wool loss, reduced animal performance and welfare issues in sheep
8 September 2021 News
Removal of moisture has 100% success on killing Japanese knotweed - study
Possible new method of controlling infestations of the invasive species have been found in lab-based studies.
15 August 2021 News
Dempsey at Large: wormer prescriptions – a sledgehammer to crack a nut
Lice treatment for cattle will need a prescription from a vet once the new regulations come in, despite the ordinary consumer being able to walk in and buy the treatment for humans over the counter.
11 August 2021 Opinion
Dairy management: dealing with flies on cows and cattle
The last few weeks has seen a big increase in fly populations, writes Aidan Brennan.
26 July 2021 Management