Fertiliser looks set to rise in price before the end of June, with merchants indicating manufacturing companies have increased quotes for new stocks by £5 to £10/t.

CAN is currently available at prices around £290/t from merchants that have a good reserve of fertiliser stocks purchased over May and early June.

However, most indications are that prices of £295 to £305/t will be more reflective for CAN by 1 July. Protected urea is trading between £390 and £400/t, although similar price increases are expected before the end of the month.

Compounds such as 25-5-5 and 27-4-4 are trading between £350/t and £365/t, with deals to be had on older stocks and where full payment is made on delivery or within 30 days.

Other products such as 20-10-10 will cost closer to £380/t, although merchants indicate that buying interest is limited, with substantial volumes of slurry in store on-farm.


Sources within the trade maintain that higher prices are on the back of an uplift in global urea prices, as the cost of gas has trended upwards during May and June.

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