Mild October highlights ever-present ventilation issues
Martin Merrick
Martin Merrick calculates what air inlet vented sheeting has in comparison to space or Yorkshire boarding, as a mild October highlighted ever-present ventilation issues.
15 November 2023 News
Agritechnica 2023: Debut for Irish-built integrated twin-seeder setup
Denis Doyle Ltd debuted its fully integrated twin-seeder setup at Agritechnica this week.
18 October 2023 Breeding & health
Beef Management: weather issues, housing space and ventilation
This week's Beef Management covers looking after autumn born calves, housing space guidelines and looks ahead to the Tullamore farm heifer sale.
Five steps to improving ventilation in your shed
With the current mild and wet weather, cases of pneumonia have increased as stock are housed, with ventilation helping to reduce the risk and spread of the disease.
10 October 2023 Buildings
Five tips to get sheds ready for housing
Farmers will be hoping to get at least another month at grass, but if weather takes a turn for the worse, having sheds ready for housing is time well spent.
2 September 2023 Management
Farm Buildings Are On The Move!
Tom Fallon, Teagasc Farm Buildings and Infrastructure Specialist, talks about some of the changes we have seen in farm building specifications over the last number of years.
23 August 2023 Farm buildings
Caution required for rehousing animals
Recent wet weather has caused some stock to have to be housed for a period, which is causing issues on farms.
1 August 2023 Management
Simple suckler shed for pedigree herd
Pat Murrihy constructed a new three-bay slatted shed to ensure ample accomodation for his herd of purebred Limousin cattle, Martin Merrick reports.
19 July 2023 Buildings