In pictures: Cheffins to host timed online auction of tidy contractor kit
Gary Abbott
Cheffins will host an online timed auction running from 26 January to 31 January. With over 80 lots booked, machines will include tractors, grass and muck equipment as well as plant machinery
26 December 2021 News
Welsh government to refresh TB programme
Among the measures, the Welsh government has proposed more pre-movement testing.
6 October 2021 News
‘This farm isn’t a job or a business, it’s everything’
Peter McCann reviews Bella Bathurst’s latest book, Field Work, which highlights the many challenges of livestock farming.
Top price of €27,470 for sheepdog at auction
The online auction of over 180 working dogs took place in Wales in early September.
8 September 2021 News
Welsh favour cattle TB vaccine approach
Despite calls from farmers for a badger cull in Wales it is an approach resisted by political leaders
1 September 2021 News
Farmers face stiff competition for land
Both large multi-national companies and environmental organisations are in the market for land.
4 August 2021 News
Welsh finalising tools to guarantee beef eating quality
Research partners in a beef eating quality project in Wales include Queen’s University Belfast.
4 August 2021 News
World record set as three-month-old collie makes over €12,000
Check out the pup who broke records at the working sheepdog auction in Wales.
9 July 2021 Letters
31 March 2021 Markets
Healthy Oats project gets €2.7m research boost
A new 'healthy oats' research project launched this week aims to find more nutritious varieties that perform well with lower inputs.
17 February 2021 News
UK farm policies heading in different directions
The future of farm support in each region of the UK was a key talking point at the Oxford Farming Conference.
7 January 2021 Northern Ireland
Minette's Island stories
NFU leader shares her personal story on BBC Radio's Desert Island Discs
6 January 2021 Dealer