Deadline day for renewable developers to secure 15-year State-backed support
Stephen Robb
The second RESS auction is expected to deliver up to 3,500GWh in renewable electricity generation by the end of 2024
16 March 2022 News
Derrybrien wind farm to be decommissioned
Gort Windfarms Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ESB, owns the wind farm.
15 March 2022 Opinion
Colm McCarthy - no painless solutions to climate action
One of the attractions of offshore wind, to some of its advocates, is that there are no neighbours out in the ocean.
Members of the Oireachtas among objectors to Clare wind farm
Slieveacurry wind farm, Clare, was refused planning permission after receiving over 100 objections from the public including Green Party, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin TDs and Sinn Féin TDs and senators.
26 January 2022 News