12 January deadline for organic feed survey
Darren Carty
The second organic feed survey aims to quantify demand for organic feed and provide demand forecasts for growers and feed industry to encourage interaction between livestock and tillage producers
13 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Soya downturn eases fears of ration price hike
A downturn in spot prices for soya has helped to alleviate that feed mills would increase ration costs for January.
25 November 2023 Management
Five tips for grazing forage crops over winter
Where farmers plan on outwintering cattle on crops such as kale, outlined are five tips to grazing management.
Five tips for managing the silage pit
When it comes to keeping a clean face on the silage clamp, outlined are some tips to managing the pit this winter.
11 November 2023 Management
Managing the stock bull over winter
Herd management during winter will prioritise finishing cattle and weanlings. But don't forget to check on the stock bull regularly.
7 November 2023 Management
Concentrates storage: keeping up with TAMS specs for meal bins
TAMS III aid will cover the popular meal bins seen on many farms, provided certain specifications are met. Martin Merrick outlines how to keep within spec for your purchase.
30 October 2023 Winter Feed
Impressive weight gains on Tyrone finishing unit
Attention to detail is delivering exceptional performance on the Foyle finishing unit in Northern Ireland. David Wright reports.
29 October 2023 Winter Feed
25% of farmers tight for silage – Teagasc
The latest Teagasc fodder survey of farmers has found that a significant proportion remain short or tight for silage this winter.
25 October 2023 News
More reductions in meal prices needed
Adam Woods takes a look at this week’s special on concentrate feeding and the results from this week’s Irish Farmers Journal ration price survey
25 October 2023 Winter Feed