The crop diversification requirement in the new CAP will not apply in 2023.

While it is part of the rules for the new CAP, the three-crop rule (as it is better known) will not be a requirement on Irish growers for 2023.

This comes about following an offer by the Agriculture Commissioner during the summer to suspend the requirement following requests from member states in an effort to further maximise food production at this critical time.

At the recent Teagasc Crops Forum, Bill Callanan from the Department of Agriculture confirmed that the minister had accepted Commissioner Wojciechowski’s offer. So there is now no requirement on Irish growers to have any specific number or proportion of crops for 2023.

That said, break crops like beans and oilseed rape currently appear to offer the highest income potential for the year ahead and this will encourage most growers to stay with or perhaps even increase the use of rotation on their farms.