All tillage crops planted for harvest in 2024 will qualify for the tillage payment announced by Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue on Saturday 13 April.

The Irish Farmers Journal has learned that the tillage payment of €100/ha (€40/ac) will be paid on tillage crops for harvest in 2024.

This means winter crops planted in autumn and winter 2023 will qualify for payment and spring crops planted in 2024 will qualify for payment.

No list of eligible crops has been provided by the Department as of yet, but it is expected to include all cereals, potatoes, oilseed rape, vegetables, maize and beet.

It is unclear if protein crops will be included, as these crops already qualify for the Protein Aid payment.

Crops such as red clover will not be included as they are considered grass crops.

Current season

The scheme does not extend to winter crops planted in autumn/winter 2024. It deals with the current season in which crops will be harvested in 2024 and in which farmers have been struggling to plant and manage crops.

In order to be eligible for the payment, farmers should declare these crops on their BISS application. More details will follow, but no measures have to be completed to avail of the money.

Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has said: “There is still a planting window for crops, but I appreciate the risks associated for farmers. I want to give confidence to tillage farmers to plant crops this year and to give them confidence in the future of their industry.

“Recognising the current difficulties, I will work to deliver €100/ha in financial support for every farmer that puts seed in the soil for the harvest year 2024.

"I am absolutely committed to increasing our tillage area and despite the constraints of my existing budget, I will work to deliver this support for tillage farmers,” he concluded.