As silage ground is closed off for first cut on the vast majority of suckler farms across Ireland, it is a good time to get on top of weeds in swards before grass covers get too strong.

Grass growth has been struggling lately and covers on grazing and silage swards are low.

With lower grass covers, there will be greater chemical contact with weeds after spraying.

Immature stage

As weeds are at an immature stage, any chemical sprays that are applied now will give a more effective kill compared with treating fully developed, mature weeds.

Spraying now means weeds such as docks and thistles are killed off before they produce seeds.

This will avoid the future spread of weeds in slurry next spring.

Any potential check to grass growth after spraying is better off happening now when growth is low, rather than in late May when swards start to bulk out.

When spraying for weeds, make sure to follow the correct dilution rate for chemicals to work at optimum levels.

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