UK metaldehyde ban – first signs of regulatory divergence from the EU?
Last week, the UK government moved to ban the use of products containing metaldehyde by 2020. With the active still approved for use in the EU, is this the first signs of UK regulatory divergence?
MEPs to vote on blueprint to boost trust in the EU pesticides approval procedure
Plans to boost trust in the EU approval procedure for pesticides, by making it more transparent and accountable, will be put to a vote on Wednesday.
Thresholds: Can we become more confident at doing nothing?
Is it time to re-evaluate our understanding of pest thresholds? UK base Steve Ellis believes it is. Stephen Robb reports.
Pre-emptive glyphosate resistance management
With many UK growers still struggling to beat resistant Blackgrass to key herbicides, what lessons can we learn to prevent the same occurring with glyphosate?