Dog attacks on sheep have come to the fore in Wales after pictures of a brutal attack were posted on Facebook.

John Breuilly was walking in Llyn Ogwen, north west Wales when he witnessed three dogs, one German Shepherd, one Rottweiler and one unknown breed, none of whom were on leads, launch a vicious attack on sheep.

No leads

He explained in his Facebook post: "The German Shepherd chased a sheep down a sheer cliff, then got hold of the sheep and attacked it. The sheep managed to escape only to be chased into the lake. Two of the dogs followed and continued to attack the barely alive ewe."

John also added that, "When the dogs finally gave up and returned to the owner he didn't put them on leads and they went chasing more sheep."

Film to highlight the issue

On Friday, a new film was launched to educate dog owners on livestock attacks and the importance of keeping dogs on leads.

The IFA have published protocol in the case of a dog attack and the steps to follow, including contacting the gardaí and the importance of keeping evidence.

To read the full protocol click here.

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