At this stage, the yearling cattle are at grass over 11 weeks.

All 140 were brought in for weighing last week to assess performance over the first three months at pasture.

This is the period of highest daily liveweight gains of the year, so it is important that performance is decent.

In order for stock to be slaughtered off grass at the end of the grazing season, heifers need to be 415kg this week, while bullocks need to be around 15kg heavier.


While the final 36 are still on milk, the majority of calves are weaned and are at grass at this stage.

Meal feeding at grass is continuing, with calves averaging between 1.5kg and 2kg/day concentrate.

This is higher than we would like, but given the unsettled weather over the past few weeks, we have decided not to cut it back just yet.

For a full breakdown of performance and liveweight gains, see the Thrive page in this week’s Irish Farmers Journal.

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