Herdwatch has announced its purchase of ComTag in Ireland and Lilac Technology in the UK for an undisclosed seven-figure sum from Highfield Veterinary Group.

ComTag supplies TB and blood testing software solutions for veterinary practices across Ireland, while Lilac Technology has its own TB and blood testing software - TB Master - with customers in England and Wales.

Announcing the deal, Herdwatch says it is developing new products that will enhance the vet-farmer relationship, including the ability for farmers to get prescriptions and advice from their vet directly on the Herdwatch platform.

Launched in 2014, Herdwatch has undergone a rapid expansion in recent years. The company, founded by Fabien Peyaud, secured a multi-million-euro investment from Renatus Capital Partners, a Dublin-based private equity company, in November 2022.

Expansion plans

Last year, the company completed the purchase of Farmplan’s livestock software customers in the UK and Irish software company Kingswood Computing.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Peyaud said that this is not the end of the company’s expansion plans: “Global interest in ag tech is flying. I’m just off the plane from the United States and the engagement over there is just huge.”

Asked if this meant that Herdwatch was planning to expand into that market, Peyaud said: “we already have a team on the ground there and we are focused on international growth, having recently also entered Canada, New Zealand and Australia.”

“This does not mean we don’t see any room for further expansion in Ireland and there certainly is plenty of room to grow in the UK,” he added.

He said to expect the announcement of further acquisitions this year.