Armatrac tractors have been on the Irish market for a while, ideal for the stockman’s tractor segment. The brand aims to provide a simple tractor that is easily maintained with few electronics, yet using proven components.

Armatrac tractors are produced by Erkunt tractors, founded in 2003. Global exports began in 2007 under the Armatrac brand.

This year’s Ploughing Championships will see the Irish launch of the new 1254 Lux CRD4 model. The 125hp model is powered by a 3.6l four-cylinder Deutz engine, meeting Stage IV final emission standards, while most other models are fitted with Perkins engines.

The 1254 Lux is fitted with a 40km/h ZF manual shuttle 16F 16R transmission, with its rear axle also being sourced from ZF.

The tractor has a hydraulic output of 60l/min and a rear lift capacity of 5000kg. Although the brand prides itself as having a basic level of electronics, the 1254 Lux is available with electric heated seats, electric heated mirrors and an 8in digital display.

The 1254 Lux can be equipped with air conditioning, cab suspension, front linkage and PTO if desired.

The Armatrac stand will also have other tractors of various horsepower, from 50hp to 110hp.