The weekly cattle sale at Enniskillen Mart saw a reduced entry due to adverse weather conditions on Thursday.

However, with a strong buying presence across the store cattle and weanlings rings, prices remain firm.

Bullocks sold to a top price of £1,475 for a 710kg Charolais, with £1,435 paid on a 704kg animal of similar breeding.

Brisk bidding saw heavy fleshed cattle making 200p/kg to 230p/kg for good-quality continental animals.

Midweight bullocks were an exceptional trade, with heavier lots in greatest demand.

Prices for top-quality continental lots ranged from 230p/kg to 260p/kg, with a 405kg Charolais animal making £1,060. Plainer cattle sold upwards from 210p/kg.

Lightweight types sold form 220p/kg to 279p/kg, peaking at £945 for a 338kg Charolais.


Fat heifers sold to £1,430 for a 700kg Charolais, with £1,360 and £1,370 paid for animals weighing 585kg to 600kg.

Midweight heifers sold from 200p/kg to 228p/kg, with £1,050 paid for a 460kg animal. Lighter types sold from 205p/kg to 240p/kg, with a 350kg animal selling for £840.


Bull weanlings sold to £1,105 for a 390kg Charolais animal. Bulls weighing 350kg and above typically sold from £800 to £1,050, with light animals making £580 to £820.

Heifer weanlings sold from £550 to £885, with heavier animals a much easier sell than lighter lots.


Suckler cows peaked at £1,650 for a Simmental with a bull calf at foot, followed by £1,610 for a similar outfit.

Limousin cows with calves at foot sold to £1,510. Springing heifers sold to £1,040.


Belgian Blue bull calves sold to £310, with Blue heifer calves making £305. Charolais bull calves sold to £300, with Angus bull calves making £290. Limousin bull calves made £240, with Friesian calves selling in to £90.

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