While calf sales continue to be small, ICBF data shows that over 400 calves under four weeks of age were sold in the marts last week.

Prices are holding firm for Angus and Herefords, while demand for Friesians is waning slightly. The average Angus heifer sold for €170 while bulls sold for €200/head on average. Herefords continue to be met with stronger demand and prices are ranging mainly from €230/head for heifers to €260/head for bull calves. Top-quality types are making over €290/head. Where continental-sired calves are on offer, suckler farmers and beef farmers continue to snap these up. Prices for Limousin calves range mainly from €250 for plainer types to €300 for top-quality types, while better-quality Limousin bulls are selling from €300/head to €340/head. The largest prices are being paid for good-quality Charolais calves, which are rare. Prices of up to €400/head are being paid for top-quality types.