Over 900 cattle were put through the scales in Corrin Mart, on Tuesday, with all but eight finding a new home.

Trade throughout proved very strong, with the majority of stock on offer dairy bred or first-cross beef.

Speaking after the sale, mart manager Sean Leahy said: “It’s been very busy the last few weeks. Numbers are free flowing and there’s plenty of customers for the stock.

These three Angus heifers born spring 2020 weighed on average 453kg and sold for €920 (€2.03/kg).

“A lot of our sales are seeing close to 100% clearance rates. Anything near beef is very strong, with the Angus stock of any weight still the strongest sellers.”

Heavy steers over 600kg were in short supply, but the handful on offer saw average sale price rise by 6c/kg on the week. Overall average settled at €2.12/kg.

This yearling Limousin heifer weighed 455kg and sold for €1,100 (€2.42/kg).

Short-keep bullocks were a lot more plentiful and were met with solid trade throughout. While back slightly on the week, better-quality lots on offer continued to hit an average sale price of €2.30/kg-plus.

These three Angus heifers born March 2020 had an average weight of 480kg and sold for €990 (€2.06/kg).

Angus stock proved in highest demand, with buyers looking for younger ages with more forward weights. One pen of good spring 2020-born Angus steers weighed 555kg and sold for €1,350 or €2.43/kg.

This pen of 10 Limousin heifers born April 2020 had an average weight of 437kg and sold for €880 (€2.01/kg).

Top lots of Limousin first-cross cattle also hit close to this, with the best of the Hereford stock standing about 10c/kg back. Pure dairy-bred stock of the same weight were closer to €1.80/kg, with the odd pen exceeding this.

This 18-month-old Hereford bullock weighed 550kg and sold for €960 (€1.75/kg).

A stronger entry of better-quality Friesian stock sub-500kg helped to increase overall average this week by 6c/kg to rest at €2/kg across the board.

Animals in the top third of lots sold saw this average rise by a further 18c/kg. These lots were mostly Angus and Hereford-cross, but odd suckler-bred lots were also on offer.

This pen of four Angus bullocks born February 2020 had an average weight of 546kg and sold for €1,220 (€2.23/kg).

Heavy and short-keep heifers were in very short supply. The majority of heifers on offer weighed between 400kg and 500kg, and were coming off their second summer at grass. Angus again topped this section, with 450kg heifers consistently making €1,000-plus per head.

Cull cow average eased slightly this week as farmers looked to unload extra baggage before the winter housing.

These five Friesian bullocks born early 2020 weighed on average 518kg and sold for €890 (€1.72/kg).

That said, the better-quality offering was still met with a ready demand. Topping trade here was a four-year-old Limousin cow weighing 705kg that sold for €2.16/kg.

Cork Marts Corrin will host its weanling show and sale next Thursday 7 October.

Other lots

This pair of Hereford bullocks born early 2020 had an average weight of 482kg and sold for €910 (€1.89/kg).

These 11 Charolais bullocks ranged from nine to 10 months in age, had an average weight of 402kg and sold for €1,080 (€2.69/kg).

These eight Friesian bullocks born spring 2020 had an average weight of 363kg and sold for €730 (€2.01/kg).

These five Angus bullocks born spring 2020 had an average weight of 356kg and sold for €770 (€2.16/kg).