Camera at the mart attended the weekly cattle sale in Omagh, Co Tyrone, on Monday, where stores, cull cows and drop calves were forwarded for sale.

Buying demand across all sale rings was exceptionally strong, with a super entry of top-quality store animals.

According to mart manager Eamon O’Kane, buyers remain hungry for stock and this continues to underpin the prices being paid.

These May-born Belgian Blue heifer calves sold ro £395 (€465).

He added that sellers are much more tuned in to what buyers are looking for and turning cattle out in a much more saleable condition as a result.

In the calf ring, a good show of dairy and beef-cross animals were met with sharp bidding.

Topping the trade was a three-month-old Limousin bull calf which sold for £630 (€741), followed by another Limousin bull calf at £570 (€670).

Angus bull calves sold to £550 (€647), with Belgian Blue bulls making a top of £450 (€529). Heifer calves sold to £630 (€741) for a two-month-old Simmental, while Limousin heifers topped out at £610 (€717).

This August-born Simmental heifer calf sold for £420 (€494).

In the bullock ring, a 25-month-old Angus weighing 726kg topped the trade at £1,790 (€2,105), followed by a 798kg Charolais that made £1,760 (€2,070).

A super entry of Charolais bullocks weighing 680kg to 740kg sold from £1,610 to £1,710 (€1,894 to €2,011), while Limousin bullocks topped out at £1,740 (€2,047) for a 752kg animal.

In the heifer ring, there was a super offering of continental-type animals forwarded. Prices peaked at £1,580 for a 690kg Limousin (€1,858), followed by a 680kg Charolais animal that made £1,550 (€1,823). A 580kg Limousin made £1,480 (€1,741).

Fat cows sold to a top price per kilo of 176p/kg (€2.07) for a 620kg Limousin, which equates to a sale value of £1,091 (€1,283), while a 770kg Limousin animal made 175p/kg (€2.06) or a sale value of £1,348 (€1,585).

Other lots

This August-born Limousin heifer calf sold for £350 (€412).

This June-born Limousin calf sold for £570 (€670).

This Limousin heifer, born April 2019 and weighing 565kg, sold for £1,130 (€1,329).

This Limousin heifer, born April 2019 and weighing 485kg, sold for £1,100 (€1,294).

This Limousin heifer, born May 2019 and weighing 540kg, sold for £1,250 (€1,471).

This Charolais heifer, born March 2020 and weighing 485kg, sold for £1,120 (€1,318).

This Charolais heifer, born July 2020 and weighing 460kg, sold for £1,150 (€1,353).

This Limousin heifer, born August 2020 and weighing 410kg, sold for £1,030 (€1,212).

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