Munster Technological University (MTU)

Niamh Rid is an Agricultural Science BSc (Hons) 2023 graduate.

“Attend orientation week and give yourself the best opportunity to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. Make sure to attend lectures, even the early morning ones! Follow the college students union social media page - there is lots of information posted there. Most importantly have fun!”

Niamh’s Insider tips

  • • For lunch in Tralee, go to Corrib Oil/Gallys Bar & Restaurant (they have a 10% discount for students).
  • • MTU Kerry have the NAG society (Nurses & Ags) – plenty of fun nights out and events throughout the semesters.
  • • Finding your way around MTU Kerry is very easy with the interactive map on the college website. People are very willing to help you, therefore never be afraid to ask questions! They were also in your shoes before.
  • Atlantic Technological University (ATU Galway)

    Claire O’Brien is a final year BSc student in Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business.

    “I would say to go to all events and don’t be afraid to try new things and get yourself out there. Make sure you’re organised and attend all classes to get all information.As a whole, make sure to have fun and enjoy college life as much as possible!”

    Claire’s insider tips

  • Get lunch in the campus canteen where they offer good deals.
  • Ask your class reps for advice or go to the student offices on campus at Galway ATU to voice any concerns you may have.
  • Dundalk it (DkIT)

    Amy Boyd is a fourth year BSc (Hons) in Sustainable Agriculture

    “Being a first year is hard, but the best thing to do is be confident and put yourself out there for the first week and you’ll make friends. After that, you know everyone, so college life becomes a lot easier. Get to know your lecturers, as well.

    “Relax and enjoy your first year of college! All the fun happens in first year and it’s all new and exciting - get used to saying yes to things, whether it’s nights out or activities.”

    Amy’s Inside tips

  • For lunch, Snackbox in DkIT is the best for great food that’s affordable.
  • DkIT has maps on nearly every wall if you get lost, so make use of them or just ask someone – everyone is very friendly.
  • University college Dublin (UCD)

    Kevin Swift is a second-year UCD student of Agricultural Science Omnibus.

    “At first, the course may seem daunting, but stick with it as it gets better and more agriculturally based. I would strongly recommend joining the Ag Society as it organizes great events in aid of charities throughout the year which can be a great way to make friends, memories and have the craic.

    “I’d recommend getting a leap card [for the Dublin transit system] as it saves you money. An air fryer is also another good purchase to help you adjust to cooking for yourself.”

    Kevin’s Insider tips

  • • The tea shop/room in the ag science building is a great place to meet friends.
  • • If you’re looking for help, the tea shop is also a great place to meet the students in the years above you and they will be happy to give you advice or help as best they can.
  • University College Cork (UCC)

    Paul O’Brien is a fourth year BAgrSc (Hons) in Agriculture Science

    “Try to relax and take in the new experiences. Initially, it can be daunting as you are starting a new chapter, but don’t stress. Everyone else starting is in the same situation as you and are all eager to make new friends.”

    Paul’s Insider tip

  • • For food, Main Rest and Elements on the main campus are good choices.
  • • Attending one of the campus orientation days is a good way to get an understanding of the different buildings on campus.
  • • Look at the different clubs and societies on offer to try new things and meet new people.
  • University of Galway (NUIG)

    Chloe Higgins is a third-year BSc Agricultural Science student.

    “Attend as many lectures and labs as possible – it allows you to meet your course mates.

    “Get to know the campus before your first lectures. Every year, before college begins, our lecturers send out a list of the room numbers or lecture hall names. I will always walk around campus to find the rooms so that I’m not late or lost when the time comes.

    “Definitely don’t stress out too much about first year, just stay on top of your work but always remember to enjoy yourselves, college flies.”

    Chloe’s Insider tips

  • Bialann does a fry-up every morning, as well as many other options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sult, meanwhile, is great for events and it’s always busy in the evenings.
  • NUIG has an app that you can download that allows you to put in the name of the building/room and it will give you step-by-step directions.
  • Our course lecturers organised a night out for our course at the very start of the first year and I thought this was a great help, it allowed us all to meet up outside of a lecture hall or lab, and it really let us all get to know each other.
  • For traveling home, check out private bus companies in your area as some offer bus times more geared up to college schedules.
  • Technological University of the Shannon Midlands Midwest (TUS)

    Ciara Foley is a fourth-year BSc student in Bioveterinary Science.

    “Always ask questions – it’s better to know than to sit in silence wondering, and others will be thankful for it as they will probably be wondering the same or similar. It encourages them to ask questions, too.

    “Talk to lecturers, they want to see you succeed and are always happy to help, especially when students are making an effort to learn.”

    Ciara’s Insider tips

  • Embrace college life: go out and socialise, joins clubs, chat to everyone.
  • I would always recommend going to class, it’s incredible how much you can retain from being in a lecture and it’s a huge help when it comes to exams and assignments – nothing gets lost in translation.
  • South East Technological University (SETU Waterford)

    Anna Phelan is a first-year Bsc (Hons) in Agricultural Science

    “Have an open-minded approach when communicating with everyone and join a team or a club. I realised everyone was nervous and feeling the same as myself. Having the confidence in yourself to talk to others makes the first few weeks a lot easier.”

    Anna’s Insider tips

  • Get lunch in the Centra on college campus, most people eat here and it’s also a good way to socialise and meet new people.
  • My personal advice in relation to the academic side of college life is to put a lot of effort into going to lectures, as it helps in the long term and to do all tutorials and lab reports on time.
  • College Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE)

    Bethany Boyde is a 2023 BSc Food Business Management graduate.

    “The best advice I could give an incoming first year is to enjoy every minute of it. I studied at Loughry College for five years and it has flown by, but I have great memories to look back on. College life isn’t all about work, work, work - take the time out to go on the university-organised events as this is how you get to know your classmates better.”

    Bethany’s Insider tips

  • • My favourite places for lunch around Cookstown would have to be McGlaughlin’s, a perfect place to enjoy some time away from the books.
  • • Loughry does have various buildings but there is always someone there to help, so simply just ask at reception if you are stuck, even in my final year I had to ask where a certain room was in a building.

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