Teagasc, in association with the Irish Farmers Journal, has launched its 2019 Crops and Spreaders open day, which will take place at the Teagasc Crops Research Centre, Oak Park, Co Carlow, on June 26.

The event will provide an opportunity to view demonstrations from the Teagasc crops research programme at the Oak Park campus from 11am to 6pm on the day.

Over 10,000 plots are assessed at Oak Park and other locations throughout the country where essential data is gathered.

Issues addressed include:

  • Chemical efficacy.
  • Potential of pre-commercial crop varieties against diseases.
  • Optimum nutrient management and crop stewardship.
  • The importance of biodiversity and integrated pest management strategies.
  • At the open day, staff will be on hand to engage with farmers and growers, providing an opportunity to discuss the present and future challenges of the tillage farming business.

    The Irish Farmers Journal will focus on the importance of accurate fertiliser spreading to support sustainable productivity, with live fertiliser spreader demonstrations through the day.

    Head of crop research in Teagasc, Oak Park, Dr Ewen Mullins said: “Our priority for the open day is to maximise engagement through research demonstration with the farmers and industry personnel in attendance.”

    Over 30 stands will be on display, addressing subjects such as maximising grain numbers in oats, impact of loss of CTL in wheat, weed research workshop and much more.